008 International Group Profile: Taiwan

Now there are 44 days to go until the start of WMDF 008. We are introducing this summer’s international groups one by one online. Looking forward to a great summer!

The Lan Yang Dancers


The Lan Yang Dancers (LYD) have a history that dates back to 1966. They have won international exposure for the beauty of their Taiwanese dance, and have staged many invited performances throughout the world. They say that “Life creates art, and art enriches life.” With the life and culture of Taiwan as the subject matter, LYD create overall amalgamations of diverse traditions, endowing folk dance culture with a new lease of life. In their own words, such interpretations are a “positive step not only in the continued propagation of tradition, but a new creative revival of culture and the arts, so that aesthetic education could become widespread and serve as the roots of human culture.”


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