A Packed “Worlds Meet” Bar Kicks off 2016

WMDF is produced by “Worlds Meet Japan”, so our first event this year was the “Worlds Meet” Bar.  We completely filled the cocktail bar Concord 21 to standing room only. A huge menu of world cocktails and beers was enjoyed by all, including some recovering from  the  same day’s Hakodate Marathon. 


Bar staff and floor staff roles were carried out by the core organisers of WMDF, as a special thanks to our volunteer staff and customers.


BGM was compiled from previous WMDF artists, and the  posters, fliers and tickets for this year’s event were all available. The Whole Week Sponsor Passes are selling fast, so get yours soon before the limited edition of 999 runs out.


Our event relies on the efforts of many volunteers, so we were really happy to meet WMDF newbies who were interested in becoming staff for the first time. Come along to our staff meetings (just observing is also OK), or register on our Staff page. The next important date is the staff meeting on  Jul 19 (Tue)  from 18:30 in the Machi-Tsukuri Center in Juujigai.


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