Day 2

Today was Sunday, so lots of people came to WMDF.

Each stage did their unique performance, so everyone, from child to adult, enjoyed!

“The Screen Tones” who joins WMDF for the first time were united mainly by Masayuki Kusumi, the author of the comic, “Kodoku no Gourmet(Solitary Gourmet)”
They played songs used in the TV drama of Kodoku no Gourmet.
When Mr. Kusumi said the famous phrases in the comic, like “Goro, Goro” and “Hara ga, hetta (I’ve got, hungry)”, people especially fans got really excited. Maybe you got hungry during their performance.

Austrian group, “Trachtenverein Rossecker Bruck an der Mur” had no stages to play today, so they traveled around Hakodate. “Noda Boat Rental” at Goryokaku park offered them to enjoy boating for free. Besides, they could go up to the observation of Goryokaku tower for free, too. They said they liked the view from up there. We’re grateful for the supports of Goryokaku park and Noda Boat Rental.

WMDF will continue more. Meet worlds at Motomachi park.


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