Back After Three Years

Here we are again, after that long gap. Regulars lined up from the start. International artists took the stage. Performers hit the high notes. Cultures got all thrown together and jumbled around a bit. There were lots of aisatsu.

(Photos by Glaretone)

Great turnout, despite Corona. (Sorry to all those who couldn’t get in to Kateryna’s indoor performance). Props to Takapartch for opening the festival with “Summer Time”. Thanks for all the “thank you”s.

People got used to the new “no eating and drinking in front of the stage” rules. And the Park became all non-smoking??? (It wasn’t us!)

(Photos by Glaretone)

Afro-Begue & Choice-chan rounded off Day 1. And Sasaki Yosuke live-painted it all. Only three days? Already, there are only two days left? Better get down to Motomachi this weekend.

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