Dreamers Union Choir (DUC), Tokyo

A power chorus building original compositions from gospel roots

A power chorus group consisting of 13 singers and a pianist/director.

In 2006, when gospel specialist Taro Kijima was asked to play in a choir at a gathering of African diplomats in Roppongi, Tokyo, he limited the choir to experienced singers because of the short amount of time needed to prepare for the performance.

The singers liked the sound they created and soon after reunited for a charity event for the Republic of Benin. Under Kijima’s direction, regular rehearsals began, and in 2007 the group held its first performance as the Dreamers Union Choir (DUC).

While carefully inheriting the musical and spiritual heritage of gospel music through interaction with international singers, the choir built a diverse style including many non-gospel songs. They have developed a large repertoire with a focus on original compositions, establishing their own style and also performing many a cappella arrangements.