3 Gaga Heads, Tokyo

Introducing The 3Gaga Heads, a renowned Japanese comedy group affiliated with the WAHAHA-HOMPO comedy company. Their name is from slang for the essence of “Happy Guys” and they were formed in 2005, before a certain “Lady” was a thing! After numerous appearances on television and at events in Japan, they embarked on overseas live tours in 2009, captivating audiences with their silent performances. Their unique approach has allowed them to transcend language barriers, resulting in more than 1000 performances across thirty-three countries. From children to adults, their shows receive rave reviews worldwide.

Their talent and originality garnered recognition at the illustrious Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2009, where they became the first Japanese artists to be nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award. This prestigious accolade is bestowed upon acts that embody funkiness, freshness, and uniqueness. The group’s popularity continued to soar, evident by their sold-out performance at the Festival d’Avignon in France in 2011, where tickets were completely sold out almost 23 days before the show.

Back in Asia, The 3Gaga Heads appeared on on Asia’s Got Talent in 2017, receiving high praise from every judge on the show. And, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact, they were named goodwill ambassadors during their tour of six African countries in 2012, earning admiration for their remarkable performances in the Republic of Benin. Embracing the moniker “The Body Tights Men Show,” the 3Gaga Heads continue to spread joy and laughter, captivating audiences worldwide with their silent comedic brilliance.