Sogo African Traditional Music and Dance Ltd, Ghana


Sogo African Music and Dance Ltd was founded by Isaac Joe Opaye with the goal of preserving Ghanian traditions and educating the country and the world about Ghana’s culture and African heritage. They have participated in many festivals across the world, winning awards and gaining recognition from the Government of Ghana and other cultural agencies.

The group performs many dances of the various tribes across Ghana, and also from other African countries such as Nigeria, Guinea, Mali and Togo. The majority of the adult members have full time jobs teaching traditional music and dancing in private schools; they collaborate with various international bodies to promote a wide variety of African and cultural art forms. The organisation trains and recruits incredibly talented drummers and dancers of all ages from many schools and other private firms.

The dance company also hold many workshops with schools, institutions, and private cultural organisations, teaching African dances, percussion, drumming, and singing to all nationalities.