Aragehonzi, Tokyo


This group of singers-and-songwriters are a “Festival rock band” led by Masahumi Saito. Their style is a “chanpuru” mix of Japanese festival music (mainly from the Touhoku region) and world pop music. They’ve renewed local folk songs, such as “Akita-Ondo” and “Soumabonuta” to create a new generation of “glo-cal” beats. Their signature tune to get their fans excited is “Ringo-Oiwake”. They have performed at many music festivals in Japan, including the Fuji Rock Festival and “Sukiyaki Meets The World”, so we hope they will enjoy a new experience at WMDF. In 2013, Aragehonzi released their second album “Takarakaze”, and have been attracting much attention in the media, both print and broadcast.