Kachimba Combo, Okinawa

Kachimba1551, the original band formed in 1998, has undergone many incarnations, continuously evolving their unique Okinawan salsa music. The various generations of Kachimba’s musicians have taken their Okinawan Latin music to international stages and supported a diverse array of cultural activities and education projects. WMDF will be hosting Kachimba’s “most recent release” ― a dynamic group that started in 2021 with five members: Taro, Yuui, Yui, Arari, and Yuya. With a combination of unique flavours and a sense of familiarity, their music offers a delightful experience. The ensemble’s compact size gives them the versatility to create a captivating new Latin sound that transcends boundaries. Their music blends Cuban and Okinawan influences to showcase their talent in vocals, bongos, bass, and tres guitar, creating a mesmerising fusion that transports listeners on a journey from Okinawa to a world of their own.