Stavropol Cossacks State Dance Company, Russia


Stavropol – the proud and sonorous name of the original city at the heart of the Cossack region. In it you can hear the music of the free steppe winds, the legacy of a proud military history, the gentle lullaby of a mother cradling a baby, the valiant prowess of the competitive pereplya dance, and the intimacy of Cossack lyrics. The group “Stavropolye”, founded in 1981 and now boasting over 200 artists, aim to conserve and promote Cossack song, dance and musical culture through four main creative sections: orchestra, choir, ballet and pop. Joining WMDF in collaboration with the prestigious “Russian Seasons” program announced by President Putin on his 2016 visit to Japan, this full professional group bring a huge pedigree of worldwide performances and honours.