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Year’s End Greetings


Our best wishes go out to all our followers and collaborators around the world. Thanks much for everything in 2018 and “yoroshiku” for next year. As always, we are doing our best  to bring you yet more new worlds to meet over the coming twelve months. Of course, we are already working with a slew of great artists on a 2019 festival program that you will really want to come and see. And, we have some new projects that we think you are going to like. Especially, we have a few “firsts” that we hope to roll out… Stay tuned to see what the new year can bring!


Hakodate Tops 2018 List: Come See Why!

The “Brand Research Institute” in Tokyo has placed Hakodate at number 1 in its 2018  list of the most attractive places in Japan (their page [Japanese]).

It’s not a bad achievement for a small town on the northernmost island. Number 2 on the list is the much more widely renowned Kyoto.

We recommend a visit to see the qualities that put us here. And this visit is especially recommended to international artists…. Especially during the week of August…! Yes, WMDFs yearly application date of Oct 20th is nearly here. After Oct 20, we will be working hard to build next year’s worldwide program until the final decisions deadline of the third Sat of December.


That Weather Question…

Japan has been having some record-breaking weather this year. Now, WMDF-goers are checking the online weather sites to see what the coming week holds. We have made our annual offering to the weather gods on the WMDF Tree. They are “teru teru bōzu” handmade dolls. In Japanese, “teru” means “shine” and “bōzu” is a “monk”. They are a kind of talisman with magical powers. Our WMDF staff made these this year and imbued them with their strong spirit. We believe in their supernatural ability to bring the best weather and to prevent all other kinds of weather from coming. Please believe in them too!


Motomachi Park Setup in progress at WMDF Tree, Aug 03, 2018

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