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It was a Picture…


In the first “Festival Daigaku” photo class, our pro cameraman Hideyuki Enomoto showed us 150 of his pictures of previous WMDFs and then used them as examples to talk about six topics: focus, exposure, blurring, colour/white balance, composition, light quality.

As well as photography, we learnt lots about events, and about very expensive cameras. You can join us for the second lesson of the series on July 4th, even if you didn’t attend today. Bring your camera, because it will be workshop-based.

Full details and online application form are at this (Japanese) link on the Worlds Meet Japan web site.


WMDF Setting up For Day 5 on Fri

The heavy overnight rain has cleared enough for us to run this Friday. Thanks for all your calls and inquiries. Please note:

  • There may be schedule changes. Already, we can announce that the Atlas stage performance of Hinokiya will be at 18:15, and Nakano Nanazumai Hozonkai will be at 20:20 (these two performances are swapped from the original schedule).
  • There may be stage cancellations due to electrical problems caused by the amount of rainfall.
  • Some MoguFes booths may not run today.
  • Audience members are asked to take special care of their footing in the park.
  • We recommend that people bring towels, or materials to dry seating surfaces.
  • Further announcements of schedule changes may be made in the park.

Thanks for your support!

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