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Promoting Hakodate

I’d like to introduce this youtube Hakodate promo video. I was told that it was made by the City Hall.
As far as a I can see, the theme is “visit Hakodate before it’s destroyed by monster robots”.
Nice video, but I’m quite happy that “Long Now” is a better theme than this…

Long Now in Japan

I found a link to Long Now ideas on a Japanese site:
It seems that they also say that there is little text on “Long Now” in Japanese, but they do point to the Long Now Japan blog. Maybe it has some useful info for WMDFers.

WMDF Flier

チラシおもて チラシうら
We have made the first fliers/posters for WMDF 2009. The color photos are from the 2008 festival, courtesy of Hideyuki Emoto from Sapporo. The Black and white photos are promotion pictures for the likely performers for 2009. We are expecting many more performers from Europe this time around. We now need to get these out around town.
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