International Guide Recruit 2020

Thank you for finding our recruit page. We are looking for people like you.

This is the first time WMDF is going nationwide to recruit volunteer guides for international groups. We hope to discover a select number of team members to add to the mix of our 2020 event.

Our contacts are distributing posters and cards around Japan. View the image below for the main details:


Answers to likely questions:

  • Q: Do I need to be available for the entire festival period?
    A: In principle, yes. We are looking to recruit a small number of guides who can make this commitment.
  • Q: What language skills are necessary?
    A: You need to be able to communicate well in English. Japanese ability a plus.
  • Q: Can I pick the group I guide?
    A: No, in general, although we will listen to preferences.
  • Q: Will I be working alone or in a team?
    A: Our policy is to assign groups of guides to each team. For some groups that have very small numbers of artists, we sometimes allocate single guides, but they have the support of a pool of reserve guides.

What you can do to prepare

Our application form requires a CV file. The format is free, so you may adapt something you already have. You will also need  facial picture, and to know your availability in August next year.

You can get a good feel for the event by looking at the past artists and the photos and videos in the Galleries section of this website.

We further suggest that applicants  prepare for the event by reading about:

Apply Form

When you are ready with your details (you have your CV file, facial picture, and availability in August next year), please fill in the form below.

What happens next?

WMDF will review applications as we receive them. We have not set deadlines for this first national recruiting; we envisage following promising applications as they reach a critical mass, giving early responders the advantage.

Those successful will receive a formal letter of invitation and a set of written guiding terms and conditions.  In the run-up to the event, we will share further details including our 2020 WMDF  Guiding Manual (English and Japanese). 

Knowledge Accumulator

Below is a database of the home cities of some of the groups and artists that WMDF is negotiating with for 2020. Join us in the pre-event anticipation, and read ahead something about each location. There are some groups whose home cities are not featured here yet, and some negotiations may not succeed this time around, so check back for updates. Entries marked with a star and with a dark sidebar are countries that would add one to the total of our 100Project (now at 52 countries/regions).