Run a Booth at the Mogu Mogu Festival 2015

mogu2015boshuuAt the same time and place as WMDF, we run the “Mogu Mogu” Festival. The words “Mogu Mogu” are a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of eating, but we also think of them as an abbreviation of “More Goods, More Gourmet” from around the world. If you are interested in building a community atmosphere at our event, please download the MoguFes Conditions and Application form (J only). We are always looking for a wide variety of things to experience: many different styles of foods, as well as clothing, accessories, drinks, and services such as massages or fortune-telling, and charities. More infomation is here.

Posted on 2015/05/10 by TakahashiChiaki

(日本語) 6月開催「ワールズ・ミート・サーカス」出店者募集

Posted on 2015/03/16 by Secretariat

Looking Forward to a Great 2015


WMDF wishes you a wonderful 2015! We have completed our application procedures for this year’s event, and we think you will love our line-up. Several groups from first-time countries have been invited, as well as representatives from WMDF stalwart supporters. The groups now have until April 1st to complete their paperwork, and WMDF will then go through waiting list possibilities until May 10. The public announcement will be made once we have produced all our promotional materials, at our new “Worlds Meet Circus” event in Motomachi Park in June. O-tanoshimi-ni! 


Posted on 2015/01/28 by Ian Frank