OLT, Jun 6th & 7th, 2013

WMDF-006_OLT-Omote-SThis year’s Opening Live Tour (OLT) recalls some of the within-Japan bands that have been most popular. With a theme of “Neko Gekijo”, or “Cat Theater”,  We are bringing together The Kumonosu Quartet, Zahatorte, and our regulars Hinokiya. With food, goods and drinks also on hand it will be a micro-WMDF.
Tickets can be pre-bought at the Citizens’ Concert Hall, as well as other locations around town, including the Harmony Hall in Goryokaku and Cafe Drip Drop on the 1st floor of the Machi-Tsukuri Center. Or buy from Lawson Tickets, L Code 14862. More.

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WMDF “Worlds Meet Bar” on Apr 7

The sixth edition of the World Music and Dance Festival, “WMDF 006″, is now gearing up. The “pre-event” for 2013 is a party where you can sample beers and cocktails from around the world. More

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“Worlds Meet Japan”

After the WMDF 005, we took the chance to rename our GIA. It is now called “Worlds Meet Japan”. More.

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