International Participation: 2021 Call

The heart of our festival is international music and dance performers from around the globe. We will be joining artists in looking to come back even stronger after the disappointment of losing so many events worldwide in 2020.

There is still much uncertainty over 2021, but we will hope for improved conditions as we make initial plans for a return of our own event.

We welcome inquiries, recommendations and expressions of interest.

Important WMDF links and dates:

The planned festival dates are the same as always: August 5-11. Watch out for the rescheduled calendar of the Tokyo 2020 events (due to start on Jul 23), as planes may be more full and more expensive than usual. IOC officials have suggested that the Olympics will go ahead ‘with or without Covid’; we will wait to see what is possible for events with fewer resources.

Image credit: Vincent Le Moign, via WikiCommons

Posted on 2020/09/10 by FesDir

Moat’s Art Announce

Performers in boats? We are happy to announce a new event for summer! We couldn’t let the town’s creativity and imagination go without a platform for so long… We heard from so many of our arts world friends that they would avoid a “geijutsu-sai”-free summer by holding their own small parties, that we knew we had to do something ourselves. Click below for details of this unusual event.

We also made some T-shirts with the theme “Doko-demo Geijutsu-sai” (everywhere is geijutsu-sai). Want to take part? Just arrange to bring some different worlds together, and be sure to send us a picture or two. More news coming here soon.

Posted on 2020/07/16 by FesDir

As Hokkaido Enters 2nd Stay-At-Home…

On Thursday, the Japanese Prime Minister announced the extension of the emergency order already in place in the south of Japan. (External news links: Asahi, Bloomberg). Hokkaido has already implemented and exited from one voluntary stay-at-home period, so we are optimistic that this one will also be effective.

Image credit: Yuki Shimazu on Flickr, Creative Commons licence

We would like to thank so much all the people around the world who have sent us their best wishes. Especially, to all the artists who reacted with such understanding to the cancelling of their participation in this year’s festival, we appreciate your messages so much. And, we were so amazed by the response to our request for donations to cover our fixed costs. We were hesitant with the message that we have large outlay even if we don’t have a large event, but the open-hearted and warm gestures we received were incredible. During this time when financial hardship is widespread, it was an inspiration for us.

So now, the cherry blossom season starts to arrive in our northern land. Its welcome will be more restrained than usual. But as we contemplate from indoors, we will be re-doubled in our commitment to bring you some kind of event to brighten the 2020 calendar. What will be able to do? We will be thinking hard, and we hope that you too may join us with any suggestions.

Stay tuned, be kind, and stay safe. Thank you so much.

Posted on 2020/04/18 by Secretariat