Final Schedule 2017 & Second Artist Announcement

WMDF-Sched-Biutton-010Thank you for your patience, we have now publicly released the final schedule for this year’s event, plus a site map and much more. Go to the Events page or click on the image on the right to directly open an A3 pdf file in a new window. We hope you will enjoy savouring the anticipation of seeing your favourite acts, and we look forward to seeing you in Motomachi Park!

Please note that WMDF reserves the right to change the schedule without notice: the most current version will always be the version online.

It is with regret that we announce that the collaboration group from Argentina “Atilio Adrían Matteucci” included in our first artist announcement have had to withdraw due to unexpected circumstances. They are not featured in the schedule we release here.

An event of our scale may encounter changes in the schedule, but we will always do our best to give our audience as much information as possible.