A New Year!

We would like to send a big message of goodwill to all our friends far and wide.

The last year was exceptional around the world… now we may start again on the new one.

We have very best wishes for you all.

For our event, we became so busy at the end of 2020…. Our posts here became less, but we are moving forward with plans for a festival in August. We think the chances may not be high, but we will plan and see. The first test will be whether the Tokyo Olympic plans will go ahead.

We will hope for a year of recovery and of life.

Posted on 2021/01/01 by FesDir

First Call: Volunteer Guides 2021+

We cannot yet be sure if it will be in 2021 or 2022, but WMDF is seeking out volunteer guides for our next festival. Be part of a multi-cultural experience like no other in Japan.

You need to be available for 12 days at the beginning of August. In return, we offer board and lodging, a great atmosphere, and a cool Hokkaido summer. You all have the chance to work with hugely varied artists from around the world, to hone your logistics and hospitality skills, and to escape the heat of mainland Japan.

Full details on this recruit page. Preference is give to early responders, but we recognise the difficulty of committing schedules in the current environment. Event experience is useful, but not assumed. The foreseeable future of international events is uncertain, but we dare to hope that you will be one of the 30,000 people whose “Worlds Meet in Japan”.

Posted on 2020/09/11 by FesDir

International Participation: 2021 Call

The heart of our festival is international music and dance performers from around the globe. We will be joining artists in looking to come back even stronger after the disappointment of losing so many events worldwide in 2020.

There is still much uncertainty over 2021, but we will hope for improved conditions as we make initial plans for a return of our own event.

We welcome inquiries, recommendations and expressions of interest.

Important WMDF links and dates:

The planned festival dates are the same as always: August 5-11. Watch out for the rescheduled calendar of the Tokyo 2020 events (due to start on Jul 23), as planes may be more full and more expensive than usual. IOC officials have suggested that the Olympics will go ahead ‘with or without Covid’; we will wait to see what is possible for events with fewer resources.

Image credit: Vincent Le Moign, via WikiCommons

Posted on 2020/09/10 by FesDir