Hokkaido Covid countermeasures prove effective; our thoughts to areas now battling


Yesterday, the governor of Hokkaido announced the relaxing of the 3-week movement restrictions in the island, after March 17th saw the first day with no new cases being recorded. Although we were one of the first areas of Japan to see infections, the quick action and many social distancing changes may have helped to control the outbreak. The news changes very fast every day. Especially, WMDF has many contacts all over the world, so we worry about our many friends. We send you our best wishes and support in these difficult times. Depending on the developments in Japan and overseas, we will continue consider the best way for August.  There is so much to think about in these days. We wish you all fortitude, and we will update here as often as we can.

Image credit: Asahi Shinbun, fair use.

Posted on 2020/03/20 by TOK

Our best wishes to all in Hokkaido, Japan, and overseas

Hokkaido_declares_state_of_emergency_over_coronavirus_-_The_MainichiYou will see in the news that as of Feb 28, the Hokkaido governor has made the request for local citizens to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by going outside as little as possible. Also, Japan has cancelled schools until the end of March. We hope that these measures can help to bring the outbreak situation under control, so that the future for spring and after is more clear. We are sure that many people around the world will be struggling with new conditions and challenges over the next weeks. We hope for your good health and wellbeing over these difficult times. And, we hope to see you in summer. Please stay safe everybody.

Image credit: Kyodo, via Mainichi Shinbun, fair use.

Posted on 2020/02/28 by TOK


FPT-CoW-007-v01-GDP2月20日更新: 残念ながら、世界のこどもフェスティバルは新型コロナウイルス感染症の流行により中止となりました。詳細につきましてはこちらのブログ記事をご覧ください。

Posted on 2020/02/08 by Secretariat