Perform at WMDF: Detailed Application Information

3E6_4335WMDF runs every year from August 5 to August 11, with groups arriving on Aug 3-4 and leaving after the final day. To perform in WMDF, please first check the detailed terms and conditions linked to here:

The welcome reception is usually on the evening of Aug 4. We recommend groups to travel on a schedule that allows them to comfortably attend this first event. Groups travelling long distances on long-haul flights with no stopovers should probably plan to arrive in Hakodate on Aug 3. Those travelling from nearby, or coming to Hakodate after spending some time elsewhere in Japan or similar timezone may choose to arrive by the afternoon of Aug 4. For departure, we prefer our international groups to stay for the length of the festival: this means leaving on Aug 12 or Aug 13. Our festival is repeatedly evaluated highly by groups, so we hope that overseas participants can maximise their enjoyment of our event by staying as long as possible.

Increasing Your Chances of Selection

WMDF basically accepts one international group per country per year. The advice below applies to all groups, but especially to countries that WMDF receives many applications from,  such as Indonesia.

We strongly recommend:

  • Getting us good quality videos (this is hugely important)
  • Reviewing past WMDF artists (see the Archive tab) and making it clear how your participation would bring something new to our event. (Also see our list of participating countries).
  • Strategising. WMDF may invite two groups from one country if the genres are very different, e.g., one dance group and one band. So, if you see that WMDF typically has only dance groups from your country, form a band, or vice-versa.

Self-funding Groups

In general, overseas groups fund their own travel to Hakodate, and WMDF then takes care of everything else (including accommodation, food, and transport around town). But we have gradually found that our funding cannot support the number of groups who apply (the typical number of groups we correspond with each year is 50-80). Groups with sufficient finances can select a “self-funding” option for their stay in Hakodate by paying 5,000Yen per day per member. There is a question on the application form about whether groups would be able to attend as self-funding participants.

How Early Can We Apply?

The most recent WMDF application form is always available in Step 1 of “Procedure” below. The form requires groups to read the festival conditions. We try to make these conditions available around April in the year before the festival (that is, around 16 months in advance), but please understand that sometimes there will be delays. If you would like to make your application before the conditions have been released, you are also welcome to do so. please check the most recent conditions linked at the top of this page.


The application procedure is to send us both of the following electronic and physical materials:

1 Electronic

  • WMDF Application Form, with Section 1 and checklist completed. (Preferential attention will be given to applications that make a connection with the WMDF concept)
  • Some original photos (reproduction quality)

2 Physical

  • A DVD or DVD-R with performances (sorry, not DVD-RW)
  • A CD or CD-R for promotion
  • Any promotional fliers or publicity materials for events that the group has been involved in

You may also send us links to online videos, etc, but preference will be given to applicants who send us professional physical materials.

Address: Worlds Meet Japan

52-1 Jinkawa-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido 041-0833 JAPAN

Phone: +81-138-52-3815 (apologies, but Japanese only)

Fax: +81-138-51-6465



  • Please confirm by e-mail when you send us a package by post.
  • Our office is typically only staffed on weekdays, from 9 to 5, Japanese time.
  • Should your application be accepted, the supplied information and materials will be used by WMDF for posters, fliers, TV broadcast, and other promotion.
  • Participation in WMDF implies the acceptance of the rights of WMDF to place representative short videos of group performances online.

Yearly Schedule

20 Oct Application deadline for all groups approaching WMDF with an interest in following August’s WMDF, 9am JST
7 Dec Special extension deadline, 9am JST (to make a diverse program, WMDF may use November to solicit extra applications from countries/continents not represented among initial applications).
3rd Sat of December WMDF makes final selections of groups and waiting list
1 Mar Deadline for submission of fully completed WMDF application forms, including namelists. Please send us the electronic file over email.
1 Apr Main Deadline. All groups should ensure that all paperwork, concrete travel reservations, and funding are settled by this date. Since the WMDF waiting list typically contains groups with guaranteed funding, we will ask invited groups whose plans are not finalised to consider holding over their participation to another year. We will then minimise potential disruption by recruiting guaranteed replacements from the waiting list.
10 May Final Deadline. Final date by which all groups (including groups approached from the waiting list) should finalise all details. For groups from countries that require visas to visit Japan, WMDF requires a visa application number from an application successfully submitted to an Embassy by this date.
10 Jun Public announcement of participating groups, at opening event, and online, on WMDF web site
Late Jul Public announcement of detailed final WMDF schedule.
May – Oct “Early Bird” invitations. These invitations are designed give groups the maximum time to secure funding. EB invitations may be offered to groups that send us their form and other materials by the October deadline, or WMDF may approach groups that we have previously corresponded with, or groups that have been specially introduced to us. These invitations are at the instigation of the WMDF Committee and cannot be applied for. All non-EB invitations are decided by WMDF on the 3rd Sat of December, as stated above.

Please note that failure to meet deadlines may result in withdrawal of invitation letter, as stated on the letter itself.