Last updated:2022/Aug

About Artists


Q: Can you tell us when and where artists will arrive in (or leave) Hakodate?

A: No. We are sorry but arrival and departure are internal planning matters and we cannot give this information to the public.

Q: I am a friend of one of the artists, can you please tell me where they are staying?

A: Sorry, but we cannot give this information to people outside our organisation.

Q: Can I get a signature of the artists?

A: After performances in Motomachi Park there are autograph sessions around the WMDF Hub. Please get your signatures at these sessions.

Q: I want to have some interaction with the artists.

A: There are opportunities to interact with artists in Motomachi Park. Artists typically view each others’ performances in the park and generally like interaction with the public, so you can talk to them freely when you see them.

Q: Can I take pictures?

A: The conditions for photographing performances are detailed on the Tickets page and printed in the festival Guide. Picturing the general atmosphere of the WMDF and MoguFes events has no particular restrictions, but please use common sense and ask politely when picturing artists directly.

Q: Can you tell us the birthday or the contact information of these artists?

A: No. The only information about the artists we will generally give is that which has been OK’ed by the artists themselves to use in their profiles.

Q: Where can I bring gifts for the artists?

A: We appreciate the kind intents that we hear each year, but we request that patrons refrain from bringing gifts or things such as food or drink to pass on to the artists.

Q: How can I find out more about the artists?

A: We recommend using the Internet: the WMDF web site introduces web sites for most of the artists that appear in WMDF.

Q: What are the performance schedules for the in-Japan artists?

A: The detailed schedule appears in July on our Events page. Earlier in July, we also provide a list of which groups are scheduled for each day on the Artists page.

About the Event

rf-kids-sQ: Is there a Gala performance at the Shimin Kaikan?

A: No. In order to concentrate our resources on Motomachi Park, we discontinued the final Gala performance from 005.

Q: Are there workshops at the Machi Tsukuri Center?

A: No. The workshops that we carried out for five years at the Machi Tsukuri Center are now held at the Drop-in Workshops location in Motomachi Park. Please enjoy these events.

About Passes/Tickets

Q: Why does WMDF sell Whole Week passes?

A: In order to continue WMDF, the Mogu Mogu Festival and the Waku Waku Festival over an extended period, we need to secure various kinds of support. Our One-Day passes are incredible value for money, but as a thank you to our loyal supporters and to Hakodate townsfolk, we sell Sponsor Passes that allow access to the whole event at a reduced rate. Our events are produced by “Worlds Meet Japan”, which is a non-profit organisation. Any proceeds of our work go to transformational social and educational projects locally and internationally.

Q: I am planning to go to WMDF for just one day. Should I buy a Sponsor Pass?

A: Passes are required for Motomachi Park. So, please purchase a Sponsor Pass or a One Day Pass. A Sponsor Pass offers access for all 3 days, which protects you against changes in the schedule. It also has some additional benefits such as various reductions. The One Day Pass offers the merit that you can easily attend on impulse or for just the one day that you choose, but it has the demerits that they may become sold out, and that they do not offer any reductions at booths. Please consider the pass that suits you based on the style you like to attend events, and on your planned visit schedule.rf-ticket-yellow-s

Q: How many One Day Passes will be on sale each day?

A: We are very sorry, but we cannot give this figure in advance. We will make a judgement each day based on the level of crowding within the site. Especially with Corona considerations, the number of people in the Park may have to be limited.

Q: I do not live in Hakodate. How can I buy a pass?

A: Lawson tickets online or any “Loppi” machine in a Lawson store will sell you WMDF tickets. The L-code for each year’s tickets are shown on WMDF publicity and on the Tickets page of our web site.

Q: I have my exchange token for a pass. Can I get the actual pass before the event starts?

A: Apologies, but the exchange tokens can only be swapped for actual passes from Aug 5. The exchange can be made at the Pass Center at the Main Gate to this year’s event, or at the “Cafe Drip Drop” on the 1F of the Machi Tsukuri Center. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: If there are cancellations caused by weather, will Sponsor Pass holders get a refund?

A: There are no refunds given for performances lost to rain or for lost passes or pass exchange tokens.

Q: I couldn’t go to WMDF, although I had a ticket. Can I get a refund?

A: We are sorry, but including the case of stage cancellations, and audience no-shows, we cannot offer refunds for Whole Week Sponsor Passes or for Sponsor Pass exchange tokens.

Q: I want to go to WMDF with my children. How many passes should I buy?

A: Senior High school students and below require no pass. We look forward to welcoming families.

Q: Are passes needed for the Eudora stage (in or in front of the Koukaido Building)?

A: No, all performances at the Eudora stage are open access (no pass required). Please enjoy the WMDF atmosphere.

Q: Are passes needed for the Waku Waku Festival (Perry Hiroba)?

A: No, the Waku Waku Festival is open access. The Perry Hiroba area is large. If you have suggestions and requests for the future, please let us know.

Q: I heard there was a welcome party for the groups on Aug 4. Can I attend?

A: From 2015, we discontinued public access to our welcome party. So, we apologise but only artists, staff and invited staff can attend.

Q: I want to buy things at the Mogu Mogu Festival. Do I need a pass?

A: Yes. Passes are required for Motomachi Park. You can buy a Sponsor Pass that gives unlimited access to the park. Or, you can buy a One Day Pass that allows you to come and go in the park for just one day, and enjoy the Mogu Mogu Festival booths.

Q: I left my Sponsor Pass exchange token at home. If I give my name can I still enter the park?

A: We are sorry but, passes are required for Motomachi Park. Forgotten passes need to be retrieved and presented, or a replacement bought.

Q: Until when are the Sponsor Pass exchange tokens on sale?

A: Lawson tickets will be selling the Sponsor Pass exchange tokens until they are sold out. We recommend early purchase and early exchange of the exchange tokens at the Pass Center in Motomachi Park.