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Environment Day Perspective

World Environment Day. We think everybody is already looking around themselves with new eyes this year. Perhaps we can get a new meaning of the often-heard corona-era words “Be kind” and “Be safe”.

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Stay-at-home Arts #5: Surprisingly This Rather Works

Today is International Museum Day!

We suppose that so many people cannot make a real-life museum visits.

So, today’s sharing suggestion is for “museum-at-home”


Click on the images on this page to go to the exhibition page of “Surprisingly this rather works”.

You can download the App and play on your mobile device.

We hope some people can get new feeling from Museum Day…

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Stay-at-home-arts #4: Greetings From Around Japan

We would like to share some of the greetings that we are receiving from artists we have met over the last 12 years of WMDF.

Thanks so much to all!

Here is ALKDO, with special helper:

And Afro Begue:

More on the WMDF Facebook page. Stay safe everyone, and stay artful.

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