Thumbs up!

That was a lot! We mixed sports, art, street performers, booths, and balloons. Then added a whole bunch of stages. And threw in a little rain for spice. An unusual recipe, but it all went in the mixer together. It was just three days, but the result was quite pleasing! We thought we would like to tweak the formula and maybe try this again…

(Photos by Glaretone)

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Just a Quick Rest…

Hello! My name is Ito… I… got a little tired today. My job is the park setup. And another job is to organise the MoguFes booths. Maybe it’s too many jobs. Just a little rest. Please ask someone else. Just a few minutes more… And, I will do my best for the site takedown tomorrow.

(Photo by TOK)

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Hello! I am George.

Are you having a nice day? I am George, and I came from Tokyo for WMDF. I wear lots of instruments. I like cool weather but today it is hot! Or is it going to rain? Hakodate weather is so confusing… I play a WMDF theme tune in the Park. Come and listen. You can have a good time!

Photo by Eight
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