Kamishibaism, Nanae

Embracing the essence of the Japanese storytelling art form “kami-shibai” with the mindset of an ‘ism’ – a belief in the power of artistic ideology. With a heartfelt desire to share the joy and wonder of kamishibai, this group embarks on a creative journey that celebrates the weaving of dreams and the spectacle of visual tales.

In the realm of kamishibai, there are skilled individuals who meticulously craft scripts and paint intricate illustrations, accompanied by talented performers who bring these narratives to life. The audience, an integral part of this art form, delights in the stories that envelop them. Kamishiba-ism cherishes this bond between creators and viewers, fostering an environment where they collaboratively craft, perform, and share laughter, aiming to expand the wondrous world of kamishibai.