Wayra Japan, Peru & Osaka

Wayra is dedicated to sharing the vibrant and enchanting sounds of Andean music, folklore, and world music. Led by Godven Gonzá, a native of Lima, Peru, Wayra brings the soulful melodies and rhythms of South America to audiences across Japan. The group’s name, derived from the ancient Inca language, means “wind,” symbolisng the free-flowing nature of their music. Through their performances, Wayra seek to promote peace and love, introducing the rich cultural heritage of Peru and the Andes while offering a soothing balm for the hearts of their listeners.

The music from the Andes Mountains holds a profound significance, representing the spiritual connection of the indigenous people, known as “Indio,” to their beloved “Pachamama” or Mother Earth. Paying homage to the forces of nature—land, lakes, sky, and mountains—is an integral part of vibrant festivals. With its melancholic and rhythmic melodies created through the repetition of a pentatonic scale, Andean music carries an emotional depth that resonates with audiences. The Spanish colonisation of the Andes in the 16th century brought about significant changes, as the Indio people incorporated new stringed instruments like the guitar, mandolin, and violin. This fusion of indigenous and Spanish influences birthed the unique “charango,” an instrument made from an armadillo shell.

Wayra’s music captures the essence of this rich cultural tapestry. Their performances encompass traditional pieces while exploring new genres, presenting a distinctive blend of sounds that is unmistakably Wayra. Through their music, the group conveys messages of peace and spreads a sense of harmony in the world. Embark on a musical journey with Wayra, and experience the magic and beauty of South American music like never before.