Become a WMDF Sponsor

DSC_3928Many thanks to all for their support of our unique event. Due to the support of companies and individuals throughout Japan, WMDF is becoming established as a major international summer tradition. Over the past nine years, we have hosted over 1750 artists from 46 different countries/regions. We typically expect an audience figure of 30,000 people.

WMDF is enabled by the sponsorship that we receive. We express our thanks to those who support us through publicity in the yearly guidebook, stage announcements, and on stageside sponsorship signs. Entry to Motomachi Park is also by purchase of Sponsor Passes, which symbolise the support of townspeople. We are non-profit, but are always looking to produce a bigger and better event. So, we solicit further active sponsorship from potential partners. Please help us to support the local community’s culture and economy, and to carry out volunteer local and international social and educational projects. Thanks to all for the contributions so far: we look forward to creating the next 900+ editions of our event together.

Worlds Meet Japan (General Incorporated Association)
Co-President Ian Frank
WMDF Festival Director

Sponsorship Benefits

Depending on the level of sponsorship, the following are available:

  • Your name or adverts in the WMDF Souvenir Guide
  • Your name or advert on signage in Motomachi Park
  • Your name or logo mark on the WMDF Web Site
  • Free Premium Passes

Sponsorship Application and Deadlines

You can fill in the form below and send it to us via FAX or mail or email.
If you require paperwork such as invoices, please feel free to let us know.

※If we need your logo mark, the responsible staff will contact you once we have your information.

How Does WMDF Make The Most Of Sponsorship?

We are able to stage a premier international event on a relatively small budget partly because overseas artists typically secure their own sponsors to pay their own travel costs to get to Hakodate. Once artists arrive in Hakodate, it is WMDF’s responsibility to take care of all their food, lodging and transport for the entire period of their stay. Our sponsorship is used to cover such costs and also for the costs incurred by the general planning and running of an event on this scale.

Guidelines on Publicity Information

In principle, we ask that sponsors provide us with data that can be used “as is” in PR materials.
For information to be included in the Souvenir Guide, we require colour source.

Enquiries (Japanese)

WMDF staff (responsible for business links) Watanabe Hiroshi
TEL. 0138-27-7081 FAX. 0138-86-6706