WMDF Staff

DSC_1130rWMDF is produced by the non-profit “Worlds Meet Japan”, with the aid of an army of volunteers.

Staff help out in the selling of “Sponsor Pass” exchange tickets, the guide work of helping each group during their stay, venue management, venue security, and much more. First-time participation is welcomed. Staff mailing list and staff meetings keep everyone up to date, and trainings have even included overseas study visits to high-profile events.

An international opportunity unique in Japan is waiting for you!

Why not test your skills and spend a “Life Changing” summer?

Example WMDF Working Groups & Projects


  • Info   The public face of the stages in Motomachi Park
  • Guide   One or more guides are attached to every group for the whole festival period.
  • Goods   The logistics of selling goods, including goods that artists bring with them. Creation of original WMDF goods.
  • Security & Build Crew   The safe operation of the Motomachi stages.
  • Catering Provision of the artist and staff gratis meals.
  • Service  Responsible for maintaining high levels of customer hospitality experience.
  • Stage Crew Running the Atlas, Eudora and Bunda stages
  • Drinks  Keep everyone’s thirst quenched during the hot outdoor summer event.
  • Sponsor Project Work with and help to recruit WMDF sponsors
  • PR Project Improve the presence of WMDF in all forms of media, and its reputation among townspeople.
  • MoguMogu Project    The running of the jointly staged Mogu Mogu Festival.
  • Mono Project The physical logistics associated with the materials needed for a festival site.
  • Honyaku Project Each year, we produce a lot of bilingual copy for our event. We have a web-based system that allows volunteers to translate text wherever they are in the world. For those with language skills, this is a very easy way to contribute.
  • Secretariat    The overall smooth running and daily communications hub.
  • TOK  “TOK” is event terminology for “Transfer of Knowledge”. TOK covers many things, including event monitoring (for instance, taking questionnaire data with iPads as shown in the picture above), to generating publicity through blog posts and contacting event publicity sites.

What kinds of skills can I employ or improve?


  • Communication Ample opportunities for testing your spoken and writtten skills both organisationally and across cultures. Always thoughtfully and with a smile.
  • Customer Service/Sales We are happy when the customer is happy!
  • Logistics The WMDF event is a complex interaction between many organisations and many processes.
  • DTP/WEB Skills in llustrator, Photoshop, or WordPress.
  • Technology    We are increasingly deploying technology in support of, and to improve, our event.
  • Writing We are always generating catch copy, publicity, press releases, blog entries and web pages.
  • Design and Space Design    Not just posters and fliers, but also goods and everything around the Motomachi Park site itself including all signage.
  • Translation   Each year, the translation work of the profiles gets larger. Our online system  lets many people do the editing and data input. So, it’s possible to be a WMDF volunteer anywhere in the world!


Some jobs like “Honyaku Project” can be done from anywhere in the world, at any time. For work in the park, WMDF staff should be available to take part in the Worlds Meet Circus  in June or the main World Music and Dance Festival in August, for at least half of one day. Also:

  • Staff must be of senior high school age or above(those below 20 require parental consent)
  • Staff accept that participation is in principle voluntary and without remuneration
  • We do not require CVs, evidence of past employment, or qualifications

※Please note that we reserve the right to refuse participation. Especially, we may decline those whose primary purpose appears to be pursuing their own business or PR for their own causes.

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest. Please fill in the form below. The email address you give will receive an automated confirmation as well as being subscribed to our staff mailing list.

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Data Privacy Policy

  1. We define personal information as in Article 2 of Japan’s “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”.
  2. The “Worlds Meet Japan” General Incorporated Association (below referred to as The Organisers) protects its staff personal information following the guidelines laid out in the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”.
  3. The Organisers will only use any personal information collected about staff for activities directly related to the running of the WMDF, including the securing of insurance.
  4. The Organisers will strive to take all possible precautions to prevent personal information reaching unconnected third parties.
  5. The Organisers will provide frequent and easy opportunities for staff to request modifications or the deletion of their personal information. The Organisers will respond to any such request in a timely manner.
  6. The Organisers will respond to any questions about personal information via Worlds Meet Japan GIA(Responsible staff: Takuma Fukuda).