WMDF To Date


In brief:
100 Project

Can you help us colour the whole map of the world? We are always looking for collaborators. We aim to add at least five new countries each year.

  • Theme: The “Long Now” Concerts.
  • Catch copy: Every August. For 30,000 People. Worlds Meet in Japan.
  • Successful annually from 2008, including
    • full event in year of Tohoku earthquake,
    • “Moat’s Art” physical distancing event in year of Covid-19.
  • Jointly staged Mogu Mogu Festival (world goods and gourmet) from 2011.
  • Jointly staged Waku Waku Festival (physical activity) from 2014.



How good is your geography? Can you name all the coloured countries in the map? Mouse-over to see country names. The map is fully zoomable. Take a moment to explore the “Big Here” of the world.

WMDF and other activities of “Worlds Meet Japan” grew out of local and national concerts staged by founding members 2003 and in 2006. Many of the key organisers have worked the festival every year since the start.

The map on this page shows how much of the world we have met in Hakodate. Counting “countries & regions” has fuzzy borders… Included in our running total: