WMDF Archive

WMDF encourages a broad and long perspective. We remember the artists and audiences who have visited us from around the world, and the way that lives have been changed. We look forward to witnessing and taking part in the future stories of those we have encountered in the past.

2018, WMDF 011
WMDF-011-topFirst-time participants Philippines, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. “Kimono Day” experiences for overseas artists. Fes2Fes to promote local events growing together. WMDF goods include Kid’s T-shirts for the first time (selling out).  Motomachi Park design renewal. FM Iruka live broadcast booth from the park. Festival etiquette WMDF Way icons. WMDF Voices. WMDF year-round poster distributed around town. Welcome party in “tune” with donated foods and vegetables. Hakodate city rolls out first “Festival City” publicity.
  • Dates:2018/8/5-11
  • Audience: TBA (Official announce soon)
  • Artists: TBA (Official announce soon)
  • Artists Lineup
  • Gallery
2017, WMDF 010
WMDF-010-pamphDuring tenth anniversary, combined audience figure passes a third of a million. Main logo re-design. First time participant countries Mexico and Austria. Welcome party in Kanemori Hall. Expanded catering area in Perry Hiroba. Shikishi-based feedback sent to all artists. WMDF uses first floor areas of shashinkan building in park (until 10pm each festival day).
2016, WMDF 009
WMDF-009-topWMDF main event in Motomachi Park expands to seven days for the first time. Organisers “Worlds Meet Japan” receive “Genki Grand Prize”. First-time participants Colombia and Israel. Record artist numbers in Motomachi Park. Record MoguFes booth numbers again. Free entry for young audience (“Genki Pass”) extended to JHS students. Taxi, bus, and tourism benefits for our audience and artists. New original WMDF goods. Virtual Reality experience corner. “Worlds Meet Bar” Pre-Event held in Concord 21 for first time. Audience Feedback and fan letter system for groups.
2015, WMDF 008
top-page-2015-narrowNew “Worlds Meet Circus” event in June. MoguFes expands into the Flare area.  Record MoguFes booth numbers again. First-time participants Bangladesh. T-shirt sponsors means free staff and artist t-shirts for the first time. A record 185 silk flags from the UK. Outreach performance on top of Hakodate Mountain.
2014, WMDF 007
wmdf-006-web3New Chara stage allows “up-close” performances and drop-in schedule. Expansion into “Flare” Area in Perry Hiroba and collaboration with Sports Hokkaido to produce the Waku Waku Festival. First-time participant countries: Malaysia, Slovakia.  WMDF uses inside of shashinkan for the first time. Record MoguFes booth numbers. WMDF stages run for six days again, and we continue the exchange token system for Sponsor Passes.
2013, WMDF 006
wmdf-006-web3New for 2013: WMDF stages run for six days instead of five, exchange token system for Sponsor Passes, MoguFes posters, first collaboration with Hotel Shalom 2, first use of Hakodate Seinen Center (Arigato Party), and web site overhauled (again!) emphasising bilingual access for all pages, mobile OS compatibility, and native incorporation of staff blog. Also, first Kids Staff (stage announcers), stop-motion cameras, projection mapping, and aerial photography. First-time participant countries: Latvia, Thailand  and Turkey. Behind the scenes, we used Zoho to allow many staff to work simultaneously on the tasks of data entry and translation. This was the year we made passes a requirement to enter Motomachi Park; Eudora Stage still “open access” (no pass required).
  • Dates:2013/8/4-11
  • Audience:30,911
  • Artists:196 (10 countries/regions)
  • Artists Line-up
  • Gallery
  • OLT: Zahatorte (Kyyoto) + Kumonosu Quartet (Tokyo)
2012, WMDF 005
web-hp2012WMDF marked its fifth anniversary by expanding to include visual arts and adding a third stage in front of the Koukaido. Also new for 2012: one-day passes, “Kanpa samba” sponsor time, re-modeled logo, WMDF bunting, “drop in” workshops in Motomachi Park, “stars” naming system, “Outreach” program expands to include Street Cafe in Daimon and Opening Party in the Green Belt (in conjunction with Hakodate Port Festival), first collaboration with Hotel Hakodateyama, and “Arigatou Party” officially allows staff and members of the public to enjoy the final party.
  • Dates:2012/8/4-10
  • Audience:49,970
  • Artists:211 (12 countries/regions)
  • Artists Line-up
  • Gallery
  • OLT: Cimbaliband (Hungary)
2011, WMDF 004
web-hp2011It’s likely that any 2011 event in Japan will be viewed in the shadow of the events of March. At WMDF, we will also remember the earthquakes in Christchurch, which prevented our friends from the group “Imanuera” from following up their Opening Live Tour to be with us in August. But, we were deeply touched by the reactions of many artists to our “Open Japan” message: we still gathered representatives from 11 countries, and exceeded 30,000 audience for the first time, despite losing the final day to rain. New for 2011: the World Foods Court grows into the “Mogu Mogu Festival”, Kid’s Pass reduced price sponsor badge, live streaming online, iPad-based feedback system, success of the “Gomi Project”, and mayoral greeting.
  • Dates:2011/8/5-10
  • Audience:32,820
  • Artists:114 (11 countries/regions)
  • Artsits Line-up
  • Gallery
  • OLT: Imanuera (NZ/Maori)
2010, WMDF 003
web_hp2010New for 2010: second stage and World Food Court area; WMDF concept booklet; bi-annual anniversary compilation CD; WMDF recognised as an official non-profit organisation; the Kokusai Hotel gives one floor to WMDF; new Festival office; artist communal backstage area; participation in Hakodate’s Port Festival parade; new web site; a dozen staff sent to research WOMADelaide; free English classes for staff; and much more. We are looking forward to making many new friends.
2009, WMDF 002
web_hp2009The second WMDF was yet bigger and better. Groups, audience, and staff all reported how they had enjoyed and benefited. Motomachi Park looked even more professional than the year before, and the Sponsor Pass Booklet system of supporting shops and businesses was introduced. As an official sister event to the Hakodate 150 celebrations, WMDF showed what can be achieved with a relatively modest budget, when people are put first.
  • Dates:2009/8/7-13
  • Audience:23,260
  • Artists: 319 (12 countries/regions)
  • Artists Line-up
  • Gallery
  • 2009, WMDF002 Official Guide
  • OLT: “Tonfa & Taimin” (Taiwanese traditional music), “Chi Burugood & Miho” (Mongolian bato harp), and “Percussion Unites” (African drummmers).
2008, WMDF Inaugural
web_hp2008The launch of WMDF as an international event was built on the success of organising concerts in Hakodate for local and national musicians. The 2008 Hakodate summer was cold and wet, but audience reaction showed that we could compete on a world stage. WMDF is especially grateful to the groups that made this first international year a success.