Please Enjoy the Aug 4 Fireworks!

Viewing From Motomachi Park

The fireworks display of Hakodate’s Port Festival was postponed because of rain. So, on Aug 4, townspeople may choose to view the event from Motomachi Park. WMDF will not be restricting to admission to Motomachi Park in any way, but due to preparations for our event some areas will be occupied by structures. For your safety, please do not touch anything.

Especially, touching the weights attached to fixtures is very dangerous. The balance of all structures is checked and approved by authorities, so they need to be left in their inspected state. Also, removing banners and streamers can cause harm, as they may be attached with specialized equipment.

We hope you can enjoy the display from this unique perspective of the festival grounds for the first time.

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015 WMDF Schedule

Schedule version: Aug 3

Want to plan your visit to WMDF? Please use this schedule.

You will get a printed schedule when you visit the park. We look forward to seeing you!

(Please note that changes may be made due to unavoidable circumstances).

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2022, WMDF 015 3rd artist announce

  • Balloon Performer KICK, Hakodate Web

Balloon Performer KICK

Fascinated by balloon art, Kick began working mainly in the Tokai region in 2015, before coming back to her hometown Hakodate in 2019. She has developed a variety of styles and skills will keep you coming back for more. Lighthearted and with talk and dance, her show full of smiles makes her a delightful performer no matter the time or place!

Bald Yamada

From whatever angle you look, what you appear to see is a genuine, and mysterious, statue. Bald Yamada usually plies his performances in Tokyo, mainly in Asakusa and Ueno, but he sometimes also travels around Japan. He has performed at events such as countdown parties at theme parks, the Street Performers World Cup in Shizuoka, and lunch-shows at the Disney Ambassador Hotel. We welcome him back to WMDF: make sure to check out what mysterious new moves this statue will bring to Motomachi Park.

WMDF 015 Full Artist List