First “High Five” Festival day Opens in the Park

(Photos by Glaretone)

WMDF 016 is running for 5 days in Motomachi Park. What new worlds will you meet?

Can’t get to the park? Check out the first day’s atmosphere in the digest POV video.

Video Credit 加藤隼平_jumpeikatoh
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〈第016回〉Final Artists Lineup

Due to circumstances beyond our control, one change has been made to the final lineup.

Program alteration

  • Okinawa「Kachimba Combo」(complications arising from Typhoon #6)

Typhoon #6 has caused caused major damage and power outages throughout Okinawa, and we wish our friends their well.

Kachimba members spent days lining up at the airport after their flights were cancelled, but the situation is unmanageable, so we took the decision to abort their appearance this year.

We apologise to the fans who have been looking forward to these stages, but we hope you will understand the situation, and join with us in sending the best wishes to the Kachimba members and the people enduring the elements in Okinawa.

First artists arrive… and start work!

Arriving early for WMDF Edition 016, some artists wanted to see how we built the park, so they helped out. WMDF fans will recognise Bonbangoo showing that his skills are by no means limited to juggling.

The weather was fine, and with all the help we hurried along and finished the Toozalii flag installation and the Atlas stage. Chara has a great new look this year, and the WMDF Hub tent was reborn in blue. O-tanoshim-ni!

(Photos by WMDF staff)

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