Please Consider Making a Donation

On April 7, we were forced by the Coronavirus pandemic to announce the significant downscaling of edition number 013 of our event. We will be pursuing our periodic smaller local activities such as “Worlds Meet Bar”, as public safety conditions allow, and also realising new imaginings.

We still have significant fixed costs to cover, such as warehouse storage of event materials, web presence, and other logistics, so we are continuing our yearly sponsorship call:

You can fill in the form and send it to us via FAX or mail or email. If you require paperwork such as invoices, please feel free to let us know.

Many thanks to all for the contributions so far: we look forward to creating the next cycle of our events together.

Enquiries (Japanese)

WMDF staff (responsible for business links) Watanabe Hiroshi
TEL. 0138-27-7081 FAX. 0138-86-6706