Main 2020 Event Loses International Stages

We regret to announce that edition number 013 of our event, planned for August 5 to August 11, cannot take place as we had hoped.

Please read our complete announcement:

013 will still run, but in a different form. WMDF will be working hard within the community to still bring some much-needed escape and brightness to Hokkaido’s summer.

In these unprecedented times, our thoughts are primarily with everyone suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic around the world. We wish for your fortitude and your safety.

Please Consider Making a Donation

We will be working to cover our fixed costs such as warehouse storage of event materials, web presence, and other logistics.

Please help us to support the local community’s culture and economy.

Thanks to all for the contributions so far: we look forward to creating the next cycle of our event together.

Posted on 2020/04/07 by Secretariat

Website Up to 2019 Archived

April is the start of Japan’s business and financial year, and this time sees us making an update to our web site. This means we have archived our existing site as

As followers of WMDF will know, we do most things as volunteers. And so, sometimes we are too busy producing events and producing content to keep up with the progress of technology. WordPress has changed a lot in the seven years since we last made an archive! Apart from the change in visibility of News and Blog content, most of the differences are behind the scenes for now. We will be brushing up our skills to bring you a more modern online portal as this year progresses. But… The worldwide conditions caused by the Corona virus are so worrying… Everyone, please stay safe.

Archived sites of WMDF

Posted on 2020/04/01 by Secretariat

Hokkaido Covid countermeasures prove effective; our thoughts to areas now battling


Yesterday, the governor of Hokkaido announced the relaxing of the 3-week movement restrictions in the island, after March 17th saw the first day with no new cases being recorded. Although we were one of the first areas of Japan to see infections, the quick action and many social distancing changes may have helped to control the outbreak. The news changes very fast every day. Especially, WMDF has many contacts all over the world, so we worry about our many friends. We send you our best wishes and support in these difficult times. Depending on the developments in Japan and overseas, we will continue consider the best way for August.  There is so much to think about in these days. We wish you all fortitude, and we will update here as often as we can.

Image credit: Asahi Shinbun, fair use.

Posted on 2020/03/20 by TOK