Vero Soffia, Chile

Vero Soffia is a passionate songwriter deeply influenced by Latin American folklore. She also brings the learning of a master’s degree in Cultural-Biology to the understanding of how humans function and navigate the world. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to exploring cultural transformation and the change of perspective: a goal that led to the core tool of improvisation.

Folklore has always held a special place in Vero’s heart as it provides insights into our origins, while creativity shows us the possibilities of where we can go. She believes that music improvisation connects us with our true selves and allows us to tap into our collective potential. Over the past four years, she has been actively involved in group improvisation and collective creations. Initially, Vero offered freelance workshops, but she now serves as an invited teacher at the prestigious arts school of Teatro del Lago, the leading theater in the southern regions of Chile.

Two years ago, Vero decided to relocate to Chile’s countryside in search of a connection with the country’s traditions, forests, and their inherent wisdom. Inspired by her new surroundings, she formed a band of exceptional improvisational musicians who share her passion for teaching. Together, they offer a unique blend of improvisation techniques and Chilean folklore. Join Vero Soffia and her talented band on a mesmerising musical journey that fuses Latin American folklore with a contemporary pop sensibility. Through their enchanting performances, they invite listeners to explore their own cultural heritage, embrace creativity, and embark on a shared voyage of self-discovery.