Szabadság, Belgium

Pronounced “sa-bad-chag,” this duo derives its name from the Hungarian word for “freedom.” Comprised of Ariane Cohen-Adad, a Franco-Sephardi violinist, and Jefferson Louvat, a Belgo-Hungarian mandolinist, the duo blends traditional music from various regions and cultures, weaving together the rich tapestry of Eastern Europe, Klezmer-Balkans, Bluegrass, and Irish folk. Their performances reflect the profound connection between music and heritage, honoring the historical narratives that shaped these captivating genres. Ariane’s command of the violin and viola, combined with her captivating vocals, evokes deep emotions, while Jefferson’s skilled mandolin creates a melodic landscape that transports listeners across continents and through time.

With no reliance on effects or tricks, their music takes center stage, allowing the purity of the sound and the emotions it carries to connect deeply with the audience. Their sets are a journey through time and space, bridging the gaps between cultures and showcasing the universal language of music.