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Feel the Rhythms of the Earth. Hakodate hosts one of Japan’s largest and most international performing arts festivals. 2015 saw our seven-year artist count pass 1500 performers, from 44 countries/republics, and a total of over 240,000 audience. We aim to be Japan’s first and foremost festival focussed on regularly bringing large numbers of overseas performers to the country.

WMDF 009, Aug 5-11 2016

The “Long Now, Big Here” theme of WMDF represents our goal to expand perspectives of time and space through many worlds of experience. We are always hard at work to bring you a diverse array of international world music and dance artists. The main event is from Aug 5th to Aug 11th: our four stages run in six areas based in and around Motomachi Park.

Music and dance are models for how ideas and culture can become the heritage of future generations. WMDF explores the pathways of the future through a living recreation of cultural traditions in the present. More background on WMDF.

Recruiting Volunteer Staff

An event the size of WMDF requires a lot of manpower. We are always happy to hear from people who can help. Even an offer of one day’s volunteering in the park is really useful for us. There are also jobs (like the “Honyaku Project”) that you can do with a few minutes of spare time from the comfort of your home. Check out the Staff page.

About Hakodate

trip winner 2012hakodate.travel_216px Tripadvisor voted Hakodate a winner in 2012 in the top ten places to visit in Japan. If you are thinking of visiting Hakodate for our event, we recommend the great site Hakodate Official Travel Guide that has heaps of information in English and ten  other languages.   WMDF also has a great deal with Hotel Spa and Casa and Hotel Paco for reduced room rates plus a One Day Pass.

WMDF Sponsor Opportunities

Want to be associated with our work? Maybe see your logo on this site, or your name associated with WMDF performances? Full details on sponsorship and deadlines are available in J&E.