Day 7: Final Day Opens!

The gates are open, the sky is blue, the temperature is hot, and the park is filling up. Don’t miss this last chance to become one of the 30,000 to meet new worlds in Motomachi Park this summer!


Day 6: Biggest Crowd Yet

We filled the park! Thanks to all. There were many, many highlights, but to pick just a couple, check out these pictures of the East and West meeting of worlds on Atlas stage and the crowd being wowed by BhogiYogi Ananda  Express on Bunda stage. There is a chance to catch both acts again on the final day, so celebrate Japan’s first “Yaman no Hi” (Mountain Day) national holiday with us on Hakodate Yama.



WMDF also took its first step into the world of Virtual Reality. At the entrance of the park there is  a corner where audience members can experience a video tour of our entire park, and see a full 360 degrees both left and right and up and down as they go along. Why not come down for the  closing day to try it out? Last call, last call, this is the  final chance this year…


Photos by Glaretone  (

Day 5: A fresh breeze


After last year’s double-typhoon hit, this year we were lucky to just catch the edge of Typhoon #5. bringing some welcome cooling winds, and even making the evening feel chilly for the first time.

“Crowds” is not what you usually associate with a Tuesday night in Hakodate. but we sold more One Day passes than on any other day this year. Thanks to all!

One reason was the slew of new groups  and street performers we welcomed, with the Hatch Hatchell Orchestra and Zahatorte headlining the main stage. So, the second half of the festival is under way in style… Join us for two more days of sun, blue skies, and new worlds to meet in Motomachi Park.



Photos by Glaretone  (

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