Sept 8th News Update


Thanks to all those who have conacted us in the aftermath of the Hokkaido Earthquake. In Hakodate damage was very limited, but as with the whole of Hokkaido, we were affected by suspended facilities, such as electricity, water and transportation. We do not yet have full information, but daily life is mostly carrying on. We are sorry that it may take time for us to reply to individual queries. For English information on the Hokkaido earthquake, we recommend this Japan Times live blogThis year, Japan was unfortunate to experience unusual floods, heatwave, large typhoon and earthquake all in a short time. Our thoughts are with all those affected.

Posted on 2018/09/08 by Ian Frank

A Full Summer in Donan


WMDF may have cleaned up Motomachi Park for another year, but the local events keep on coming. Why not enjoy a long event season in the area? Arriving really soon are Kaminokuni’s Fire Festival and Matsumae’s historic castle Festival. Hot on their heels is the Yunokawa fireworks, the Science Festival and the amazing views from Hokuto-shi’s the Kijihiki Highlands event. Check out our “Fes2Fes” page for ideas. Hakodate is working on its “Festival Town” concept, and we aim to help you see why!

Posted on 2018/08/13 by Ian Frank

Enjoy With Us!


Have a great time at our event! Come what may, our staff will be trying to help you. Their goal is to bring a smile to everything. Can we ask the same of you? Queues can be long, weather can fail to cooperate, and schedules may change. But, smiles all around can help. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

This is number one of our nine icons on how to have the best time at our event. Please enjoy with us! 


Posted on 2018/08/03 by Ian Frank