Welcome to a Twelfth Year

Winter has returned to Hakodate for a final dusting of snow, but our thoughts are already on entirely new seasons. WMDF’s first spring shoots of activity are seeking the attention of a little publicity. Locally, the April “HakoRaku” magazine is featuring from today the delightful WMDF Guide leader Namiko. For the next three months, it will also carry our call for sponsors, volunteer staff, and crowdfunding support:


Yes, our first crowdfunding venture… We have partnered with Campfire in Tokyo to see what the big city will make of our event. We invite you to check out the page, which is mostly Japanese but with some rather nice icons. The site offers the first way to purchase one-day tickets in advance, and also to get WMDF goods and MoguFes goods online.


If you like what you see, please share the whisper: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/133686. The first signs are that this could be a summer to remember…

Posted on 2019/03/15 by Ian Frank

“New Beginnings” Gallery Is Live


Hokkaido is well into autumn, but we are recalling summer highlights with our 2018 photo gallery. As a start on the “new beginnings” theme for the next decade of our event, we hope you get a sense of some of the potential. Not resting on our laurels, we are already hard at work on next year, so start making your plans for August 5th to 11th. For international artists:  the Oct 20 is coming soon!

Posted on 2018/10/06 by Ian Frank

International Participation: 2019 Call


The heart of our festival is international music and dance artists from around the world. We welcome inquiries, recommendations and expressions of interest. We are “waiting for you” in Hokkaido.

Important links and dates:

We are already working with some great groups to make an amazing program. Apply, send us your suggestions, or juststart making your plans for a Japan holiday amid our week of world culture next August 5-11. 

Posted on 2018/09/28 by Ian Frank