Aug 9: Typhoon evaporates

WMDF is running as planned in Motomachi Park on Aug 9 (Wed)! The typhoon that was headed our way miraculously evaporated. There may still be some showers, and it may be a little cooder than usual, so please bring a raincoat and a few layers, in addition to your dancing shoes. Day5weather

Posted on 2017/08/09 by Secretariat

Final Schedule 2017 & Second Artist Announcement

WMDF-Sched-Biutton-010Thank you for your patience, we have now publicly released the final schedule for this year’s event, plus a site map and much more. Go to the Events page or click on the image on the right to directly open an A3 pdf file in a new window. We hope you will enjoy savouring the anticipation of seeing your favourite acts, and we look forward to seeing you in Motomachi Park!

Please note that WMDF reserves the right to change the schedule without notice: the most current version will always be the version online.


Posted on 2017/07/31 by Secretariat

Tenth Anniversary Tickets Selling Fast

Whole Week Passes for this year’s full event (Aug 5 – Aug 11) are selling fast. Numbers for these passes are strictly limited to 999, as a thank you to Hakodate citizens and our regular supporters. Full details are on our “Tickets” page: there are many purchase options, and even if you are not in Hakodate, you can get a pass anywhere in Japan using the Lawson ticketing system either at a convenience store or online. All prices for our tenth anniversary are held at last year’s rates, even though we have increased the free entry “Genki Pass” age limit to include senior high school students.

Posted on 2017/05/08 by Secretariat