2023 International Artists Deadline: Oct 20

WMDF Edition 016 will be held from Aug 5 in 2023. We are building a great potential lineup! We learnt much about ultra-safe hygiene standards in our 2022 event. We hope that next year, we can keep re-building towards bigger and better outdoor festivals!

If you would like to join us, this is your chance. Applications for international groups close every year on October 20, but we are also recruiting for 2024: choose the year that suits you best!

During 2022, we developed an “Artist@WMDF” online portal for working with artists on applications. We hope it really helps the efficient communication with all our groups. Click on the image to go to the page with the colorful guide pdf, and quickly understand all the information you need to prepare.

Posted on 2022/10/09 by FesDir

A Full 3 Days

Thanks all for three days in the Park. Running an event after three years was a challenge, but everyone stepped up. Huge props to the staff, MoguFes booths, artists, and all other people that helped out. And especially to all the audience who welcomed us back. Sitting in front of the main stage during that final flash downpour? OK, we get it. You enjoyed the event.

To all those who missed out, we hope to see you next time. This year felt like a stepping stone. Let’s see what the next levels might be.

Posted on 2022/08/08 by FesDir

15th Anniversary Opens!

WMDF returns to transform Motomachi Park into a different world. For the first time, the city’s fireworks festival fell on the day our site was completed, so lots of people watched with the stages as backdrop. Feels like a “welcome back”! Want to re-experience the atmosphere? Maybe visit us for the first time? A lot of new worlds are waiting for you from Aug 5 to Aug 7.

Posted on 2022/08/05 by FesDir